Baby & Me

Being a parent is hard work (understatement of the century), and you likely get very little time to yourself to eat and sleep let alone exercise or relax. In these classes, you bring your babe along to class with you, where you'll be guided through gentle movements and breath work.

Yoga is a great way to connect with your physical and emotional self, to ease back into exercise to build strength & mobility, and to decrease inflammation. It can also reduce stress and anxiety, and help release tension in your tired bones, leading to a better night's sleep whenever you get that opportunity. These classes are also a great way to leave the house and get some social interaction with other parents!

Let’s be honest: the benefits of yoga are endless, and when you bring your babe along with you, they naturally benefit too.

You do not need to have any yoga experience. It does not have to look like anything. Come to breathe. Come to move. Come to clear your mind. Come to connect with yourself, with baby, and others.

Open to mamas and daddies - or feel free to both join!

Things to bring:
• your mat
• comfy clothing (warm socks!)
• water to stay hydrated
• coffee/tea or whatever you wish
• baby in car seat/carrier (plus all your babe’s essentials)
• cozy blanket for the floor
If babe is happy in their seat for the entire class (lucky!) they can stay there. If not you can station them right beside you (or under you) on a cozy blanket 🥰 (we can also use them as weights!).

Things to note:
• If you’re able to leave baby at home attended, feel free to join for the movement + connection 🤍
• Age of babe is anywhere from 6 weeks up to 18 months (pre-walkers).
• This is not a prenatal class. If you are expecting (congratulations!), please contact us first!