Classes at Luna

Our experienced instructors are trained in various styles of yoga and offer many different types at Luna each week.

The benefits of practicing yoga are well-known, both for the physical body and for our mental health. Here at Luna we know first-hand how it can greatly influence our daily lives when we step off the mat, too. But not one style of yoga is for everyone - which is why we offer so many different classes to suit you and your needs.

No matter the style you choose - you can expect to develop flexibility, strength, confidence, as well as create a sense of harmony, presence, and peace of mind through breathing and movement.

Most of our yoga classes are open to beginners (just double check the class you're signing up for!). We offer modifications which allow you to choose a basic or more advanced practice according to your needs on that day. Special concerns and/or injuries should be discussed with instructors ahead of class to ensure poses can be safely and comfortably achieved.



Yin & Yang

The Ascent (new!)

Gentle Hatha Flow

Energizing Flow

Partner/Acro Yoga

Baby & Me

Prenatal Yoga for Pregnancy

Meditation and breath-work (Pranayama) are just as important to our practice as the physical movement is, and are both mindfully woven into all classes at Luna. Sometimes more in-depth meditation is guided in specific classes and events (like moon ceremonies, cacao, yoga for self love, etc), and you'll be able to find those on the calendar - so keep an eye out!

Check out our special events for workshops and other fun classes!