Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a total beginner - where do I start?
That’s great! Welcome to the beautiful world of yoga!

There are a few places you could start - depending on your level of fitness. We would recommend starting with a slow hatha or yin style, but you may prefer something more upbeat depending on your experience with other forms of physical activity - like pilates, dance, the gym, other sports, etc.

As a beginner you can join most of the classes offered at Luna - and keep an eye out for our Intro to Yoga series and other workshops. Private lessons are also available if you feel like you need more individual support.


But I can’t even touch my toes. I’m so inflexible... Can I still do yoga?

In fact, yoga is what will HELP you become more flexible!

We always start from where we are and work within our own personal boundaries. This practice is a great way to become more flexible, but it is certainly not a prerequisite. As with any activity, it can take time and dedication to see results in your body, so please don’t expect immediate results or place too much importance on flexibility (even if this is your main reason to practice yoga!). Our bodies are different depending on age, fitness level, injuries, and even how we sleep at night - and we can have a lifetime of tension built up in muscles and connective tissue. Over time, and with regular practice, we can slowly ease this tension and increase range of motion.


Okay. What even is yoga?
Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. It focuses on bringing harmony between body and mind. In its purest and traditional form, yoga was used as a method of therapy for helping people live more meaningful and successful lives, and also to treat body illnesses and conditions. Here in the west, we commonly refer to Yoga as the asana - the physical postures.

Through the practice of yoga asana, we put our body into positions that are not often used in modern, everyday life. This helps to maintain long-term range of motion as we age, as well as increase strength, balance and flexibility. Like other forms of exercise, yoga promotes good health overall, but studies show yoga can also relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep, reduce chronic pain, improve memory, boost energy levels, develop mindfulness, and encourage self-care, amongst countless other benefits. The confidence attained on your yoga mat will be carried into your real world, along with a greater sense of peace, compassion, and acceptance.

TL;DR: basically, we make some awkward and foreign-feeling shapes while breathing heavily on a rectangular mat and we feel amazing in EVERY 👏🏼 SINGLE 👏🏼 WAY 👏🏼


What do I bring?
Just you and your mat!*

Water is always a good idea (especially for the power classes!). If you have your own props (blocks, straps, etc), feel free to bring them along too!

Please note that special events or workshops may require additional items or props.

*The studio offers a couple of yoga mats which students are welcome to borrow, but it is recommended if you are practicing often to have your own as it can positively influence your practice by creating a personal sanctuary for you to return to as often as you wish. This also grants you the opportunity to take your practice home with you and integrate some of the tips you've learned in class whenever, wherever. 



What do I wear?
Something comfortable! We suggest dressing in layers, that way you can adjust according to your body temp. Cozy socks are a good idea for the start + ending of class, but take them off during the practice so your feet can grip your mat better!


Is there a spot to change?
There are two bathrooms at the studio. If needed, please give yourself enough time to change so you are ready and on your mat for the class time. Reminder to remove your shoes BEFORE you climb the stairs into the practice room (there's a space here for all of your outdoor wear and personal items).


Should I eat before class?
The short answer is no. To avoid discomfort (full stomach, gas, food coma, etc), and to ensure your body digests properly, it’s best to not eat within 2 hours of your practice. However, if you are hungry - please eat! Your body needs energy. Something light like a banana can surprisingly hold you through your practice. Please make sure you are well hydrated!


What if I fart? 
This is a very common question! And honestly, it happens sometimes. Having gas is completely normal, and (as with any physical activity) moving your body can help to release it (especially squeezing your knees to your chest - that’s why it’s called Wind Relieving Pose!). In yoga, the added relaxation can be of extra help. If you’re feeling very bloated and uncomfortable due to trapped gas, try to release before joining, or, consider sitting out the class and resting.


What if I need to cancel?
No worries! We're also human and understand that life is unpredictable and emergencies do happen. Please see our cancellation policy for more info.


Can I bring my kids? 
Regular yoga classes at Luna are for ages 15 and up. Please keep your eye out for classes specifically for babies, children and youth.


Anything else I should know?
If you're new to the yoga scene, it's not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with our studio etiquette.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.