Introducing: The Ascent

As an attempt to avoid using words like “advanced” or “intermediate” - The Ascent is the climb up.

This class offers an opportunity to level up - to challenge ourselves, to enhance our practice, and to deepen our understanding of what keeps us returning to our mats.

It’s designed for students who already have a basic understanding of the principles of yoga, are familiar with foundational postures and breathwork, and are ready to progress even further.

But this is a climb: our experience on our mats is never linear. We develop our practice through awareness and refinement, and by consistently showing up with curiosity and playfulness.

With challenging sequences, we explore physically demanding postures. In this way, we build strength, test our resilience, and gain more presence. We show up differently when we overcome our mountains.

This class will be a challenge, but growth follows. When things get hard we lean in.

After all, we’re here to ascend, right?

Climb on up. 🏔