Partner/Acro Yoga

The partner classes are popular and so much fun!

Partner classes are like a regular yoga class - but you can use your pal as a support post for balancing postures, or in some other positions they could gently apply pressure for you to move deeper into a stretch.

In the Acro Yoga classes, we become a little bit more playful and learn to balance eachother!

There's breathing exercises, movement, and a lot of laughter. In both, you build trust through communication and connection.

No experience necessary.

Cindy and Acro Yoga Intensive instructor, Anthony Alcade - Nicaragua, 2017

*Even without the pandemic, you'd want to bring someone you're comfortable with touching - whether that's a partner, a parent, a relative, or a close friend! But because of the pandemic, you'll have to sign up with a partner as we won't be able to assign you someone out of your bubble.

BOTH OF YOU bring a yoga mat, please!