Yin & Yang

A fundamental concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin and yang is the idea that all of life exists as a dualism: dark & light, sun & moon, feminine & masculine. This is a beautiful, complimentary harmony. Balance.

Yin & Yang Yoga blends two beautiful and opposite class styles together in the same practice.🌝 Yin yoga is a slower practice where poses are held for longer, working to move past muscles to target joints and deep connective tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments) - the very things that hold us together. Yin is internal, passive, cooling, and stretchy.🌞 Yang yoga, by contrast, is a more active approach to our practice. This style develops muscular strength, encourages blood flow, and improves balance and mobility. Yang is external, dynamic, warming, and strong.Both styles help with flexibility.✨ By combining both of these styles into one class, you achieve a balance of energies and endless benefits. You celebrate both movement and stillness; the exert and the quiet.☯️ Yin + Yang = Balance - which is exactly what we need in our lives 😌This is a popular class that we offer at Luna and it's open to all levels. If you’re a beginner wondering where to start, we recommend Yin & Yang to get a taste of both.