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Restorative Yin

Restorative Yin

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Cultivate calm, quiet the mind, and balance the nervous system. Intentionally offered later in the evening, this practice is designed to get you fully prepared for a full night's rest.

Our most gentle and nurturing practice involves gentle movements and restorative positions for relaxation.

Yin is a very gentle and accessible yoga practice that celebrates and honours stillness and rest. We focus on targeting connective tissues by holding restorative postures for longer periods of time, and by incorporating the use of many different props: bolsters, blocks, and straps. This style of yoga facilitates deeper flexibility, and is known for relieving stress, tension, and anxiety and aiding the digestive system. Expect to leave feeling grounded, calm, and peaceful. 

What to bring:

All props provided. You only need your yoga mat and some water (we have both here if you forget yours), but we suggest you bring your own blanket and warm socks. Please dress in warm layers as this type of yoga does not build heat in the body and it's important that you are comfortable. :)

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The check-in desk opens 15 minutes before the class, and the doors will be closed once it begins. Please be on time to make sure you can attend!

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