Our Team


Cindy is the founder and lead instructor at Luna. She is a trauma-informed accredited yoga, meditation, and breathwork practitioner who has been guiding these practices around the world. Realizing back home on PEI was where she was going to be for a while, she created Luna Yoga in the fall of 2020 with the intention to create a safe yoga space in the community - but one that is inclusive, honours the roots of the practice, and, with the help of several local wise gifted facilitators, provides access to several different types of movement classes, informative workshops, and fun events to meet our ever-evolving and shifting unique needs.

She believes that movement is medicine, and that there is a whole lot more than just movement to yoga, healing, and well-being.

Continuously studying and staying curious to the "why" we do things (not just the how), her classes reflect the variety of healing modalities and yoga styles she's had the opportunity to study and practice and has developed a great love and understanding for many.

Steeped in the wisdom of mindfulness and deep reverence for the beauty + magic of the natural world, Cindy’s teachings emphasize self-care on a holistic level. She's known for her heartfelt approach to sharing yoga, with reverence for its roots, and for empowering those around her to move through life with presence and self-compassion.

You can join her powerful, playful flows or nurturing, restorative classes - any class will leave you feeling more strongly connected to yourself. 

"When Cindy first started talking to me about the thought of teaching yoga, I knew it was a path that she would flourish on. She had already spent more time and effort in self study, learning both the mental and physical parts of her new venture, than I have seen from anyone else in my life. Her passion for what she has discovered in yoga is inspiring."
- Lindee Grant