Cindy is the founder and main instructor at Luna. Her journey of discovering these practices has completely transformed her from the inside out, and she felt the pull to become a teacher after experiencing the endless healing benefits of yoga on a holistic level. She recently moved back to PEI after nearly a decade of working and exploring life in other countries - and felt the timing was perfect to finally open a space of her own to offer yoga.

During her travels, she’s had the opportunity to study and practice under many different teachers, and has developed a great love for a variety of yoga styles. She has been guiding others on their journey for years, teaching everywhere from jungles to volcanic beaches to the world’s most exclusive super yachts - experiences that have helped shape her as a teacher.

Cindy is known for her authentic and heartfelt approach, and for creating a non-competitive space where students feel supported to challenge themselves and to explore their own bodies. Her philosophy is based in compassion, and encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self through the awareness of the human connection with nature. You can join her powerful and playful flows or warm soothing classes - any class will leave you feeling more strongly connected to yourself.

 "When Cindy first started talking to me about the thought of teaching yoga, I knew it was a path that she would flourish on. She had already spent more time and effort in self study, learning both the mental and physical parts of her new venture, than I have seen from anyone else in my life. Her passion for what she has discovered in yoga is inspiring."

- Lindee Grant



Karen is trained in traditional yoga philosophy of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. She combines her knowledge of yoga, mental health nursing, and teaching to deliver a class appropriate for anyone to maximize results for personal overall health and wellness. Her style creates a connection of breath to movement that will ease tension in your body and relax your mind regardless of experience level. Karen believes poses can be modified to strengthen and stabilize core muscle groups by adapting the pose to your body, never your body to the pose.



Marissa began her yoga journey over a decade ago, and in 2016 she travelled to BC to become a certified yoga teacher and learn the art of Thai yoga massage. Since then, Marissa has continued to learn and grow as a teacher, travelling to attend many workshops with world-renowned yoga teachers such as Seane Corn, Chelsey Korus, and Kathryn Budig, and most recently she became trained in pre- and post-natal yoga.

Marissa teaches Hatha Yoga with a strong emphasis on alignment, stress reduction, and mindfulness. Her classes begin in meditation & pranayama, and end in a long, guided savasana - with lots of movement to work on your strength, balance, and flexibility in between.

Marissa also offers Pre and Postnatal Yoga classes, because as a mother her practice impacted her pregnancy in a beautiful and important way. This girl has the literal voice of an angel, so if you are looking to feel VERY rested and access that post-yoga BLISS, hit up one of her classes. There's a reason she's had such a strong following in the area.

Luna is lucky to have so many guest instructors who come to hold space and share their wisdom + unique gifts with our beautiful community. Interested in offering something within the world of wellness? Contact us below.