Studio Etiquette

These are guidelines for the studio! So whether you’re new to yoga (or to Luna), here are some hot tips to make your practice more enjoyable and respectful to you and your fellow yogis!

Communicate.Our cancellation policy is like most other studios - if you don't show up for the class you reserved a spot in, you must pay for that spot. So please only sign up for classes you’re able to commit to, and give notice when something comes up! We're pretty forgiving because we understand life happens, but you have to let us know!

Be on time.We want to offer the full duration of our classes at Luna. Classes start and end on time, so please show up at least 5-10 minutes early to get settled in. If you're running late, let the teacher know so they can decide to wait a minute, or to start without you. Otherwise, the door will be locked once class starts and you'll be listed as a no-show. Thanks for respecting everyone's time!Remove your shoes.The studio is a shoe-free zone starting with the staircase. Please remove shoes and use one of the provided racks for storage (there's one downstairs and more space upstairs!). We try to keep the place tidy as these old floors are hard to take care of as is!

Turn off to tune in.Your yoga practice is your time to be present with yourself. Please switch your phone + other electronics to airplane or silent mode, and leave it away from your mat. Watches can be worn for fitness tracking purposes, but please don't be using them mid-class. This is out of respect for others (including the instructor), but also for your time with yourself.

Respect others and yourself.Each person in the class is having their own experience. Please allow them to stay in their own practice by saving your conversations until after class has ended - your practice will deepen as well.

Practicing yoga in a group setting creates a sacred, safe space. Out of respect for others and yourself, please avoid phone use and strong scents, and observe silence during the yoga practice.

Luna is a safe space for anyone and everyone and any kind of bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.Take care of yourself!Arrive hydrated and prepared for the class, and listen to your body throughout. Take rest and modify when you need to, and respect your own practice. You're welcome to explore pose variations but please avoid straying too far from the instructor’s cues.Respect Covid-19 guidelines.We continue to stay up to date and adhere to restrictions and guidelines set in place by the province. Please respect the mask-to-mat policy, as well as social distancing rules, and keep your personal belongings to a minimum by bringing only what you need for class. Wash your hands, use the sanitizer provided, and please stay home if you’re feeling under the weather! Please note that you are now required to be fully vaccinated in order to attend any classes, workshops and events across PEI - please bring your vaccination records and a government-issued ID! Thanks!