What is it?!

Well... it's a whole bunch of exciting stuff! Outdoor events, fun activities, informative workshops. The point is to get some fresh air, move your body, meet some people, learn something new, and have FUN!


Island wide!


Events will be announced! Be sure to join our socials and our email list to stay up to date!

Does it cost anything to join?

Nope, it does not cost you anything to join Outside on PEI! However, we might be doing some things that require a park pass/entry fee, equipment rental, a ticket purchase or otherwise, and in these cases if you're joining us you would be required to pay for these items if necessary.

Who? ALL AGES & ALL GENDERS** This group is open to anyone and everyone who is excited to get outside, move their body, meet people, and maybe try something new!

This group is for those of us who:

  • are excited to get outside or want to be excited to get outside
  • want to make some new friends
  • want to learn more about the world we live in through experiences and exploration
  • want to move our bodies as a way of celebrating and honouring instead of punishing
  • want to try new things
  • want to feel more connected to nature, other people, and ourselves

**as long as you're kind! we will not accept hate speech or bullying of any kind.

Is this group really open to everyone?


Truthfully this entire project was born out of feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can be a universal experience regardless of what you look like and how long you've been on this planet for. 

Can I bring my pets?

Sure! As long as where we're going and what we're doing is appropriate to bring them along. If you have doubts about your pet's social behaviour around other animals, children, or anyone else, please refrain from bringing them with you to these events. It's always great practice to check with local regulations to make sure your animal is allowed at that location, and be sure to follow any rules such as keeping your pet on a leash.

Remember that you and you alone are responsible for your pet and their droppings; please pick up after them and dispose of waste properly.

Can I bring my children?

Of course! You are more than welcome to bring them along for any activity or event that is listed as "all ages." There might be restrictions on an event if it would be considered inappropriate, dangerous, etc. Parents should use good judgement as to whether their child/children is capable of participating and if there are any questions, please contact us!

What should I bring?

There will be information provided within each event, including a recommended packing list. Feel free to bring items other than what we suggest, including but not limited to necessary medications, epipens, etc.

Do I have to come to all of the things?

No of course not! Just the ones you want and are able to make. 

Who's in charge?

You, essentially. We organize the event, but you are always responsible for yourself and your own safety. Please see our Risk and Waiver Acknowledgement for more info.

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Do you have any ideas for group events, or are you someone who wants to share what you know about the outside world? Send us an email!